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All of your important PFT information




April 2024

PFT's In-House competition, and Nationals competitor qualifier, will occur on several April dates for every event.

Preflight - April 7 @ San Martin Aviation Corp.

All Ground Events - April 19 @SJSU Main Campus

Landings - April 21 @ New Jerusalem Airport



October 2023

The Precision Flight Team had an INCREDIBLE time at regionals and finished it off with a 2nd place overall finish! 
Between having top 10 finishers in EVERY event, along with the Top Pilot award, 8 top 5 placements, and a TIE for first in preflight, we’ve had a strong showing at competition.
Top 5 Event Placements:1st Place Preflight (tie): Alec Sandy and Ethan Fletcher 1st Place IFR: Andy Xie1st Place Traditional Nav: Pilot: Alec Sandy/Observer: Ethan Fletcher2nd Place Traditional Nav: Pilot: Robert Guevara/Observer: Justen Lim3rd Place Ground Trainer: Juan Hernandez4th Place Power On Landings: Ethan Galaz5th Place Message Drop: Pilot: Alex Sandy/Dropmaster:Sohan SinghTop Pilot: Alec SandyOutstanding Team Member: Caleb Crockett
In addition to all of our successes, we must give a HUGE thanks to NIFA and California Aeronautic University for putting on such a great event! The memories and experiences will last us a lifetime.
See you in Janesville!
More placements:E6B: 9th-Alec SandySCAN: 6th: Juan Hernandez, 8th: Alec Sandy, 9th: Justen LimACID: 6th-Alex Mullane, 7th-Caleb Crockett, 8th-Sohan Singh, 10th-Andy XiePower On Landings: 7th: Ethan FletcherPower Off Landings: 6th: Caleb Crockett, 8th: Ethan Galaz, 10th: Alec SandyUnlimited Nav: 6th: Pilot: Avery Lalor, Observer: Caleb Crockett



October 2023

We are officially in the home stretch towards regionals, and that wouldn't be complete without tryouts. Event tryouts are excruciatingly important, as they determine which competitors will compete in which events. The struggle each year is to formulate the strongest, yet safest, teams at each competition. Tryouts assess each member's skills, attention to detail, and overall drive and dedication to their craft. Held over multiple days, each tryout day focuses on one, or a few, events such as dedicated Landings, Nav, and Preflight days. Results of these tryouts will determine the roster for competition. Event coaches have been preparing scenarios and tests for this very day. It's not only their chance to also succeed, but also their chance to see how well those who they've worked with multiple practices can do. There's already been a lot of talent identified, and now is the chance for all competitors to really demonstrate their skills before competition!For potential competitors, please sign up for your tryouts. We wish you a good, fun competition!


September 2023

Normally, a new school year brings some new faces, new leadership, and new experiences, but this year is a little different. This year, the SJSU Precision Flight Team is pleased to present our new identity. 
With a new logo, new uniforms, and new custom safety vests, we are looking towards, and preparing for, the future. The new visual identity presents a modern, more uniform look across the team, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism and respect.In addition to this, we have a brand new team of officers leading us:

  • Our new Team Captain, Andy Lapuzza

  • Co-Captain, Ethan Galaz

  • Treasurer, Brandan Dadoun

  • Safety Officer, Alec Sandy

  • Communications Officer: Caleb Crockett

  • Of course, it wouldn't be a team without the members, and we are pleased to have received a lot of interest and have picked up quite a few new members. Alongside the largest Aviation Freshman class at San José State in years, we are seeing a significant amount of new interest and membership. We are excited to share more as the year progresses!



May 2023

The NIFA (National Intercollegiate Flying Association) National SAFECON (Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference)is an invite-only, National Competition between the flight teams of some of the best Aviation Programs from schools across the country. The invitees are determined by teams’ placement at the regional competitions, which are held at various locations throughout the country. This year’s National Competition was held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, known as the Mecca of aviation, from May 8-13, 2023. San Jose State’s repeated appearances at the National competition demonstrate the team’s dedication and drive to perform well and to best represent the University and Aviation department, as well as proving the SJSU Precision Flight Team has what it takes to compete at a national level, year after year.Led under team Captain Reese Abrams, the team traveled to Wisconsin to compete. They competed in every event and placed 23rd nationally. As each event is scored individually, the contributions of every team member matter.The SJSU Precision Flight Team is commonly known as the team that traveled the farthest, and this is true. The competition was over 1500 miles from San Jose. This required two groups to travel to and from Wisconsin: one group of six pilots that flew the small airplanes over that were used for competition, and the other bulk of the team that traveled via the airlines. The Pilots traveled through a total of 14 different states (not including CA) going to and from Oshkosh, flying a distance of over 4600 miles (4045 Nautical Miles).This competition was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Pilots for the competition gained invaluable flight experience, both flying across the country and in competition, as well as learning how to be a better, safer pilot than they were before. Everyone on the team, Pilot or not, learned to be more dedicated to what they love to do, as well as becoming better teammates and people.Of course, Nationals is a bittersweet time, as the Seniors graduate and pursue their careers. We wish them the best of luck!

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