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Your donation will give dozens of San Jose State University (SJSU) Aviators the opportunity to further their skills as an aviator through challenge and hands-on learning experiences. With your support, our team will proudly represent SJSU, and help to secure a bright future for the aviation industry.

Your impact...



"I am continuously grateful for the invaluable experience this team has provided me. Meeting my team members and competing alongside other schools gave me insights into the industry and how to succeed in my career."



"Engaging with San Jose State University's Precision Flight Team has proven immensely valuable for me, offering a unique blend of learning and camaraderie. Through collegiate flying competitions, we immerse ourselves in the mindset and culture necessary for success in the aviation industry, fostering leadership skills and pilot expertise. Whether pushing planes, competing in ground events like E6B, or building bonds with fellow team members, my association with the Precision Flight Team has consistently provided enriching and invaluable experiences."



"As a freshman and someone who is new to aviation, this was a great learning experience. I enjoyed meeting new aviators, understanding the industry from different perspectives, and seeing all the possibilities for my future."

Fund The Future

For $1000

Fund two people for the price of one

  • You will sponsor one team member for the ability to compete in a career-advancing competition alongside their teammates and other schools.

  • We will match your donation to sponsor another individual to attend.

  • Your donation will have TWICE the impact.


Want to make a 501c(3) tax-deductible donation? Do not use the GoFundMe link below but instead contact

Please consider the affect of your donation as seen in the following packages below.

OUR GOAL: $20,000

The "donate" buttons below are not tied to specific amounts. Clicking will redirect you to our GoFundMe.






Class Alpha


Each talented team member specializes in more than one event. These events range from complex flight planning to precision landings and cross-country flying, testing each member’s abilities that allow them to grow. In order to compete, each individual must pay an entrance fee. A donation in this category pays for one member’s entry fee to compete in the national competition.

Class Bravo


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Each team member is expected to wear safety equipment, follow procedures, exhibit best practices and exercise good judgement both in the air and on the ground. A donation in this category pays for new safety vests, equipment, and training from industry professionals to promote safe practices.

Class Charlie


The San Jose State University Flight Team has been completely student-led and funded since its inception over 50 years ago. As the only student-led flying team in the west, our ability to compete as a team in competitions hosted by the NIFA, depends heavily on our supporters. A donation in this category pays for our team’s entrance fee, transportation, and lodging in the national competition while continuing our tradition of representing the best school in the west.

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